Business Chamber of Southern Colorado

Elevating small business to lift local economy - “a rising tide lifts all boats”

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: The Business Chamber of Southern Colorado (BCoSC) exists to serve the business community of the southern Colorado area. We are here to facilitate collaboration between businesses, provide education to our members and community and to advocate for the business community in the legislative process. We believe this will strengthen the small businesses that participate and create a stronger economy for everyone in the region.

Lead, Inspire, Facilitate, Transform


You are strong…

You are strong: You know your business. You started with a dream, you learned what you needed to know, and you took action. Every day you continue to imagine what your business can become and step-by-step, you are making your dream come true. When you combine efforts with like-minded business owners, opportunities for collaboration, growth and education arise. Working together provides momentum and forward motion for your business and for the community at large. Everyone is strengthened. Everyone wins.

You are an entrepreneur…

You have chosen to start a business and are willing to take risks. Business health and the health of commerce is essential if our local economy is really going to turn around. The BCoSC is here to support you. We provide education through our membership. Offer opportunities for you to connect and build community with other businesses owners. We will advocate for you on free market policies. The stronger our community, the stronger our voice becomes.

You as a member…

• Increased visibility through placement in our online web directory and in our printed business directory.

• Collaborate with other member businesses and generate new professional contacts at regular organization events.

• Be a charter member and increase long-term visibility.

• Leverage marketing in the form of promotions and business-to-business discounts.

• Access resources designed to enhance your business development needs.136549408

• Be a part of a strong voice in local and state governments.

Become a member today and be a part of the “rising tide that lifts all boats”. As we work together, we will build our businesses and bring increased strength to our economy.

The BCoSC is not affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or any other chamber organization.  We are not funded with any taxpayer money at any level of government, nor do we receive any gifts, grants, or donations from any governmental entity.  We are 100% free market in approach and practice.